Crestview Manor is an Assisted Living community located in Hawthorne, NY (Westchester County). We are proud to specialize in providing a comfortable home and quality personal care services for adults and seniors, including those with chronic mental health disabilities.

Please contact us at 914-769-1762 to check availability or schedule a tour.


Quality Care; Consistent Track Record

Our staff is trained to provide quality, personalized services. We are licensed by the New York State Dept of Health and have maintained a strong record of Operating in “Good Standing” with the NYS DOH since inception (for more than 20 consecutive years).

Medicaid or Private Pay

Crestview Manor operates a Medicaid funded “Assisted Living Program” (ALP) and a privately funded Adult Home Program. Both are licensed by the New York State Department of Health Division of Assisted Living.

Call us to see if you qualify for one of our programs

A Family Operation, a Family Feel

Since 1994, we’ve been owned and operated by the Reckess family. The Reckess family promotes a culture of inclusiveness and understanding; of treating all clients and partners as valued members of our community, where each person can contribute. We aim to cultivate a warm and friendly environment where individual needs are recognized and supported.